Mental Health 4 All NPC is a Non-Profit Organization (NPO 262-958), with the sole mission of promoting Mental Health and providing you with a platform where you can easily access information on all topics pertaining to mental health. We believe that all people, no matter their race, sexual preference, gender identification, or religious beliefs; should have free and readily available access to mental health information and resources.

We offer a platform where we host: FREE resources, insightful articles, fundraising events, free support, and transparent discussions with professionals from around the world.

As a society, we've become more comfortable talking about 'mental health', but not so much about mental illness. If this is to change, we need to start having the hard conversations. Raise more awareness. Implement a drive for mental health education on a global scale. 

One day at a time. One person at a time. You are not alone.

Image by Matthew Ball

Our mission is to promote Mental Health by way of: 

  1. Free information and resources regarding all aspects of mental health on our website
  2. Free expert advice by mental health professionals

  3. Change.org Campaign: Implement Mandatory Mental Health Education in Schools

  4. Promoting Mental Health Support in the workplace by way of corporate training

  5. Annual Suicide Awareness March

about our founder


Jo Rust Mental Health Coach.jpg

Jo Rust is an author, international speaker, mental health coach and activist, and world record holder. 

To say that Jo is unbelievably passionate about mental health education, would be a gross understatement. 

Jo holds the world record as the first woman in history to have circumnavigated the African continent on a motorcycle, solo. A feat she undertook to fight against her own battles with mental ill-health. 

Her book, "Woman Alone Around Africa", was published in 2018 and tells the tale of Jo's adventures, and a few misadventures, whilst circumnavigating the Mother continent. 

Jo's fields of interest include psychology, neuroscience, psychiatry, epigenetics, and psychoneuroimmunology. She is currently studying towards a degree in psychology, after which she aims to enter medical school to finally specialize as a psychiatrist. 

Jo offers her services as an online therapeutic mental health coach to people around the globe, as well as creating educational material on mental health topics that she distributes for free. 

She's currently also selling the ebook of her book Woman Alone Around Africa as a way to raise funds for both Mental Health 4 All and Medical School. You can contribute by buying the ebook online HERE.